K9 Employment Recruitment is the only comprehensive recruiting solution that helps you attract and engage top working dog industry talent. We select and hire "best-in-class" candidates for you, pre-screen and deliver our candidates to you for final interview. Unlike other solutions, we focus on more than just the selection phase of the process, we complete all the adminstartion and recruitment elements so you and your staff can focus on the contract at hand.

  • We Target the talent you need: Our recruitment team are former working dog program managers with extentsive networks of key industry personnel that will instantly ensure your employment needs get in front of the right candidate with the right message at the right time.
  • Engage easily and effectively: As well as marketing best practices to cultivate strong candidates from our Global database, we maintain a pipeline of proven readied candidates at every level, that will be sure to save your company time and yield results in a timely manner.
  • Improve selection: Our social, mobile and competency-based approach to evaluating candidates speeds up the hiring process but keeps it fast and fair.
  • Onboard seamlessly: Accelerate new-hire engagement and onboarding as we complete automated forms, resume, medical, qualification / certification validation and advanced candidate profile screening for you. We will immediately broaden your companies access to industry resources and our canine network.
  • Put us to work for you: Tell us your handler needs and let the K9 Employment`s recruitment team do the rest. CONTACT US TODAY for a quote.

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