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Benjamin Haines
âââ Benjamin Haines An accomplished and dedicated law enforcement professional with over 22 years...
Cameron Chapman
Dedicated PEDD and NEDD with 5 years of experice from law enforcment to feild employment of MWD. Proven handle...
Rafael Rhodes
Pedro Mario
Denel Mechem Handler certificate + 8 years Dog Handler experience
Aziza Amar-Aigbe
Stefan O'Connell
Young eager to learn Patrol dog handler since 2014, Completed Identification of explosive and explosive device...
Peter Marais
I have 30 years experience in dog handling, training, operations and assessment within South African Governmen...
Lacy Pratt
Wayne Bornman
Good Day After serving with the South African Police Service for ten years, during which time I qualified and...
Andrea McAnally
EDD handler with 13 years of EDD handling experience. I have worked in hostile environments and I have been w...
Charles Fred Nangabo
Alyssa Richter
QUALIFICATIONS Handler: Proficient with conducting daily health and wellness checks, grooming, kennel mainte...
bright Amponsah Oteng
I really like Dogs and a very good handler too.
Charles Fred Nangabo
Am charles seaching for k9 handler job fom this web Thanks
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